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At Aitopia Systems we take the impossible and turn it into a reality. Why wait for the future when you can build it?

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Our team thrives on a challenge. When faced with the impossible, our team steps up and makes it happen. No job or idea is too big.

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Product Design

Our team has an eye for making beautiful products that work as well as they look!

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We have got you covered during the entire process - from prototype to production!

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Our team will make sure the hand off is as smooth as possible, our documentation is top notch!

Made with Love

We put our heart into everything we do!

Meet the Team

Spencer Karens, Materials Operations Managing VP
DottieJo Velko, VP Materials and Color Trend Director
Patricia Huet, Programme Producer Director SVP
Vuongo Haan, International Art Dealer President
Robert Gayla, Director of Communications Systems Integration
Ash Nileshra, Tech Data Systems Director
Big Daddy Wolfen, Director of Creative Product Integration
Thomas Vincents, Directing VP of Graphic Arts/ Entertainment
He Zhoazhao, President of Technical Systems
Hattie Terafields, Systems Analysis Director of Operations
Clark Toms, Senior President Business Innovations
Jonathon Offdims, Project Assembly Director VP
Andie Debersonian, Director of Projects Managing VP
Rubio Paulo, Senior VP Solutions Integration
J├╝rgen Marks, VP Sales
Pennie Cash, Director Engine Systems Creative VP
Floral Mannvill, VP Managing Director Print Tech Integration Systems

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